Brands are leveraging multiple channels increasingly to expand their interaction with consumers. However, innovative brands can only keep conversations alive by using the right platforms to gather insights. Visuals and text aren’t the only mediums for them, but they also use audio for maximum benefit.

The concept of podcasting is growing popular year by year, to the point that this year, stats have shown that approximately 75% of people around the US are familiar with podcasts, and the percentage is steadily increasing.

However, just marketing through the medium of podcasts is not enough. To gain real insight into the response of your target audiences, you need to monitor it- which is where podcast monitoring comes in.

Audio-based platforms and podcasts are growing in popularity. They can act as a significant source of entertainment and news. This is because they hold extensive amounts of info that businesses should not ignore when capturing their consumers’ voices. Here are some ways podcast monitoring can be added to your social media strategy- and how they work.

How Podcasting Monitoring Can Be Used To Your Advantage

#1 Researching Trends

For example, financial markets and unique selling points are critical ingredients in the finance industry to keep you ahead of competitors. Podcast monitoring will let you know what conversations are taking place and the topics prevalent online. This can help streamline your research and social media posting ideas.

#2 Brand Monitoring

You do not have to guess what podcasts discuss your industry or wait to come across organic mentions about your brand. Podcast monitoring gets you all relevant information from many different podcasts in just seconds, meaning you do not have to stream through hours and hours of audio to find brand mentions.

#3 Campaign Optimization and Measurement

Using podcast monitoring will help you understand what will help you take your campaign to the next level. You will discover hidden mentions and discover new influencers and opportunities, leading you to launch more intensive marketing campaigns.

#4 Find Relevant Influencers

By having access to a whole new medium, you will expand your network and find podcast hosts who have shown interest in your brand and ask them to talk to their audiences about it. It is an organic way to entice customers and reach niche audiences you usually could not.

#5 Starting Your Own Company Podcast

How Podcast Monitoring Can Increase Your ROI

Because of this, you will better understand the main keywords to include within your content, getting organic traffic to your page.

Also, by marketing through popular influencers, you will have a trusted face presenting your brand to those looking for the solution you are offering, which will help increase your ROI.

Also, over 60% of people listen to podcasts while at home, making it a desirable form of communication with audiences during the pandemic. Due to people spending more time looking for podcasts during their time at home, there is an increase in the number of existing podcasts.

The number of shows in April of 2021 is now over 2,000,000, with more than 48 million episodes available. This makes podcasts a valuable medium to monitor for mentions and grow your profitability in return.

Podcast Metrics- Beneficial Ways To Use Them

#1 Subscriptions

#2 Backlinks

#3 Landing Pages


How Mentionlytics can help with Podcast Monitoring

#1 Monitor A Wide Variety Of Podcasts

#2 Receiving Real-Time Mention Alerts for podcasts

#3 Including Analytics and Podcast Mentions In Reports

#4 Different Languages

Start Monitoring mentions for Podcasts!

Remember that podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, with approximately 28% of adults in the US listening every week in 2021. There is a 17% increase within just a year! It presents a unique and exciting opportunity for businesses to grow a diverse audience and capture the loyalty of intended audiences.

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