• What’s a social media report
  • Why do you need one
  • How to make sure it’s successful
  • What data should such a report include

Table of Contents

What’s a Social Media Report?

10 Reasons Why a Social Media Report is Important

  1. See what’s working and what doesn’t on your social strategy
  2. Facilitate engagement and success analysis
  3. Get actionable insights and learn from your previous mistakes
  4. Benchmark your progress according to your own social media goals
  5. Plan your next marketing strategy and set milestones by measuring your performance on a frequent basis
  6. Present your social media strategy by-products to your clients
  7. Share the results of social media marketing campaigns with social media managers
  8. Give valuable data points to your sales or IT department
  9. Show the results of social media marketing campaigns to your boss or manager
  10. Illustrate the value of social media activities to senior management

What does this mean?

4 Elements of a Successful Social Media Report

1. Summary/ Introduction

2. Metrics and data tracking

  • Facebook Page Views
  • Total Page Actions and Reactions
  • Page Engagement Rate and Impressions (Organic / Paid)
  • Follower Growth
  • Top-performing Posts by Engagement Rate.
  • Number of Likes and Comments
  • Followers Count
  • Post Engagement
  • Number of Retweets, Likes, and Comments

3. Data analysis

4. Visuals

  • Graphs of your key metrics
  • Charts of comparison
  • Screenshots of your top-performing posts
  • Thumbnails of your top mentioners
  • Videos of real-time team actions

8 Most Prominent Social Media Metrics to Include in Your Report

Metric #1: Audience size and growth

Metric #2: Mentions

Metric #3: Engagement

Metric #4: Conversions

Metric #5: Clickthrough Rate

Metric #6: Social Media ROI

Metric #7: Top Mentioners

Metric #8: Share of Voice

Create a Social Media Report using Mentionlytics

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create a Social Media Report with Mentionlytics

Grab Our Free Social Media Report Template




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