• What’s PR clipping
  • Why is PR clipping important
  • Who can use PR clipping?

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What is PR Clipping?

6 Ways of Using PR Clipping Effectively

Way #1: Measure the Effectiveness of Marketing

Way #2: Stay Up-to-Date

Way #3: Understand the Consumer’s Perception

Way #4: Efficiently Manage Your Brand Reputation

Way #5: Measure Brand Awareness

Way #6: Build a Press Page

Who Can Benefit from Using PR Clippings?

1. Startups and SMEs

2. Large Businesses

3. The Not-for-Profit Sector

4. Government and Public Organizations

5. Public Relation Agencies

4 Methods to Leverage PR Clipping Services

Method #1: Use a media monitoring tool

How does PR clipping work with Mentionlytics?

  • Total Mentions
  • Social Reach — a metric that depends on the number of followers of a social profile that mentions your brand and the number of their posts
  • Social Engagement — the actual total number of likes, shares, comments, videos, and pins from every supported source
  • Sentiment Analysis — Positive, Negative, and Neutral
  • Overview Chart
  • Mention Trackers (includes your trackers, keywords, and/or social profiles) for Brand Monitoring, Competitors, and Marketing Leads
  • Social Media Mentions for every main social channel — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Pie Charts — A pie graph of your positive & negative results and one with the mentions per channel
  • Web Mentions and Other Mentions
  • World Map — a geo-location demographic division of mentioners
  • Top Social Media Mentioners
  • Top Website Mentioners
  • Keyword Cloud — Words related to your main keywords and/or social profiles.
  • Followers Growth Chart (Beta)

Experience the following benefits while using Mentionlytics:

  • Change the date of the mentions and make a custom range according to your needs.
  • Export the PR clipping mention report to an Excel or a PDF file.
  • Gather all the groups of mentions under a single dashboard.
  • Filter the results according to your specific needs in different channels, categories, sources, relevance levels, sentiments, countries, and languages.
  • Get the depiction of information in various formats — pie charts, graphs, maps, growth charts, etc. to facilitate easier understanding.

Method #2: Use Google Alerts

  1. Log in with the Google account you want to receive the alerts.
  2. Choose the keywords and/or use case you would like to monitor. For example, you can use your brand name or a term from your market.
  3. Specify which alerts you’d like to receive and how often you’d like to receive them.
  4. Determine your sources. You can pick anything from news, blogs, video, and other types of content.
  5. Select your desired language, the region you’d like to scan, and the number of results you’re expecting.

Method #3: Use Google News

Method #4: Use Google Organic Search

Now Over to You

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you calculate press clippings?

Q2. What is a PR clipping service?



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