In the hospitality world, customer happiness depends prominently on the hotel’s ambiance, service, and support. However, in an online world, social media marketing and social media monitoring plays an integral role in engaging customers and building their connection with the brand. On one side, social networking sites help customers comprehend the brand, whereas, on the other side, they become a medium for customers to express their happiness or grief. And in case a hotel doesn’t pay heed to these comments or not get notified about them in the first place, the hotel’s reputation can be in jeopardy. To understand it better, let’s dive deep into the importance of hotel reputation management.

What is Hotel Reputation Management?

Physical presence

However, you can always ask your customers to share positive feedback online, and in case they have not been content with your services, ask for their suggestions to improve.

Online presence

Why Is It Essential?

Schitt’s Creek, the Canadian sitcom show, reflects this significance even better. The Rose motel used to be empty because the caretakers were ignorant. There were no toiletries and housekeeping services. There was no brand awareness. However, when a wealthy business person (who lost his fortune to the big city and came down to Schitt’s Creek) held the motel’s responsibility along with the old caretaker, he focused on providing good services and managing reputation online through influencers. As a consequence, the motel grew and started its chain of Rosebud Motels. Well, the show is fiction, but the realization is tactile.

Source: Schitts Creek Fandom

Source: Schitts Creek Fandom

How Can Social Listening Tools Help in Hotel Reputation Management?

Watch and get involved in a plethora of conversations

Take action on fake accounts

Learn about industry trends

Track the prominent social media accounts in one place

Turn hostile customers into positive ones

Why Use Mentionlytics for Hotel Reputation Management?

Know your competitors well

Create a strategic tracker

Create custom reports

  • Top Mentions: It depicts all the conversations that mention your brand.
  • Influencer: It includes a list of the top mentioners with high followers.
  • Share of Voice: This report will have all the metrics that you need to track your competitors, such as total mentions, their social reach, engagement, sentiment analysis of customers, and a list of top mentioners and websites.

Analyze the sentiments of mentions

Make social media strategies

Collaborate with top influencers

Compare your previous performance

Set email alerts

Find the trending keywords and hashtags

To Sum Up

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