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4 Reasons to Use Google Alerts

Reason #1: Track mentions

Reason #2: Find sources

Reason #3: Identify plagiarism

Reason #4: Monitor competitors

How to Set Up Google Alerts in 3 Simple Steps

  • Create an alert
  • Customize alert
  • Adjust settings

Step #1: Create an alert

Step #2: Customize alert

  • Click “news settings”.
  • Then click on notifications, which is under “alerts”. To get notifications, turn on get notifications.
  • To stop all notifications, turn off get notifications.

Step #3: Adjust settings

  • Go to google alerts.
  • Click on “settings” right next to “my alerts.”
  • Click on the “delivery time” option to set the time you want to receive notifications.
  • And then click on the “digest” option to choose the email address and the frequency of your notifications, and save.

Bonus: A Powerful Alternative to Google Alerts for Tracking Mentions

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