As we quote, there is no business without customers or no brand without its community.

A community is not limited to the people who buy your product; instead, it is everywhere, be it on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or question and answer websites like Quora. In simple terms, we can say a brands’ community includes consumers, target markets, website visitors, or any person who talks about your brand.

Why Is Community Management Essential?

Here is the crux, community management is necessary for you due to the following reasons:

  • To ensure your customers that you will always be there to listen in times of dissatisfaction
  • To increase your brand awareness through your existing audience and welcome new customers onboard
  • To generate recurring marketing leads from old and new community members
  • To designate some local brand advocates among the top fans
  • To manage the reputation of your brand that may be threatened by media

How To Do Community Management Using Social Media Monitoring Tools

Monitor all the conversations

However, not all tools may align with your goals. For instance, they may not send you alerts when a sudden increase in brand mentions due to any positive/negative reason happens, or find the top keywords in all of your mentions, or even determine what the community thinks about your competitors.

Mentionlytics AI-powered tools can help you in uncovering all these insights. Our Social Intelligence Advisor (SIA) analyses the data and provides optimal solutions, such as crucial mentions on the web and social media, posts that are working, the best time to publish on social media, activities that your competitors are performing, and many other factors that you need to consider for your brands’ growth. SIA also alerts you when there is an upsurge in the number of mentions so that you can manage a crisis on time before it goes out of control.

Build relationships with the audience to keep your brand alive


Join the conversations in a meaningful manner

Encourage networking among community members

Well, this is one example. The other ways can be to discuss some hot topic/ask for feedback about your brand/plan a virtual meet and greet session. The trolls will come and go but don’t foray in that direction.

Keep calm and avert crisis

If you are using a social listening tool, set alerts to know about each and every mention that comes your way.

Go live

Find the top influencers among top mentioners

Determine metrics to analyze your community growth

Social reach: This metric is directly related to the level of awareness that your brand is accomplishing.

Social engagement: For any brand, the engagement rate is crucial more than the followers because it shows a close-knit relationship between a brand and its community. Whenever this metric shows a decline in numbers, try to find the reason behind, and plan a strategy to interact with your audience.

Sentiment analysis: Try to find out how the community perceives your brand messaging through their reactions.

The Bottom Line

Interested to know more? Read more about the four pillars of community management here.

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