What is a hashtag?

What is a hashtag campaign?

How do hashtag campaigns work?

Benefits of hashtag campaigns

#1 Raise brand awareness

#2 Increase your brand’s reach and engagement

#3 Promote products and events

#4 Show support for serious issues

#5 Collect aggregated information

Types of hashtag campaigns

#1 Regular branded campaign

#2 UGC showcase campaign

#3 Trend hijacking campaign

#4 Announcement campaign

#5 Contest / Giveaway campaign

#6 Influencer-led campaign

Are hashtags still relevant in 2021?

How to plan an effective hashtag campaign?

  1. Specify your intentions for the campaign
  2. Research the market you work in for trending topics and needs
  3. Look at your competition and compare their campaigns to yours
  4. Set up a team of professionals and reflect on your previous techniques
  5. Define your target group and get advice from their online behavior
  6. Think of a catchy hashtag that represents your brand
  7. Contact influencers and pitch them your idea for a possible collaboration
  8. Set up a budget and plan giveaways or creative contests
  9. Schedule a cross-media promotion for better results
  10. Monitor your hashtag campaign’s progress.

How to find the perfect hashtags?

How to start a hashtag campaign on Twitter?

How to start a hashtag campaign on Instagram?

How to track a hashtag campaign?

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