Why Instagram hashtags are important

Are all trending hashtags good for business?

Targeting the wrong audience

Administrating content can be time-consuming

Difficult to stand out

Making use of inappropriate and irrelevant hashtags

How to know which trending hashtags are relevant?

  1. Understand your audience
  1. Understand your competitors
  1. Understand the industry leaders
  1. Make use of related hashtags

Instagram Search for Trending Hashtags

  1. Instagram search results:
  1. Related hashtags:

Mentionlytics for Finding Trending Hashtags

A step-by-step guide to finding trending hashtags:

An example of an Instagram post by fincas4you with their strategic use of hashtags
  • The Top Trending Hashtags that are related to your main keyword are sent to you in the form of a table and a word cloud as shown below.
A table showing top trending hashtags for #ryanair
A word cloud showing the top trending hashtags for #ryanair
  • The Top Mentioners e. the people who have used the trending hashtags the most number of times are sent to you in the form of a table.
A table showing the top mentioners of trending hashtags for #ryanair
  • A summary of the mentions including sentiment analysis and social reach of the keyword is demonstrated through the graphic shown below.
A graphic showing the summary of mentions for #ryanair

To Sum Up




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