What are Instagram Carousels?

Why Choose Instagram Carousels Over Other Post Formats?

  • According to the 2021 Mention-HubSpot engagement report for Instagram, carousels are the most popular content formats after videos.
  • Carousels are easier to create than videos. They require less time and fewer resources. Also, the editing part is more simplified.
  • You can churn out carousels quickly since they are easy to design. You have to pick one template, which is relevant to your brand image. Once you get the skeleton for the post ready, all you need to do is change the text on each slide. Maintaining continuity is not a problem, and hence, carousels do not fail at engagement.
  • While videos are a popular medium of sharing content, they need to be short and engaging. Otherwise, you may put your content at risk of losing engagement. Hence, sharing in-depth information in video format is not a sure-shot. With carousels, you can easily share in-depth information over ten posts. If you invest in quality editing and good storytelling, you may get more engagement.

How to Create Instagram Carousels?

#1 Start With a Concept

  • Your concept should not be too long. You do not want to fill your slides with long sentences. Pick up a topic that you can explain within a few slides while keeping the breathing spaces.
  • Similarly, your concept should not be too concise too. If you can put out the same value in one single post rather than creating five slides, a carousel is not a good idea.

#2 Develop a Short Script

#3 Be Specific About Design

#4 Add Caption and Include Hashtags



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