Best Instagram Features To Grow Your Business Crazy

#1 Business Profile

  • Instagram insights: how your posts are performing
  • Contact details: add your email address and contact number
  • Instagram advertisement: boost posts & stories from your account
  • Swipe-up links to Instagram stories: divert traffic to your site

#2 Link In Bio URLs

#3 Instagram Stories

  • Generating leads for your services
  • Improving brand visibility and credibility
  • Interacting with the followers
  • Reaching the non-followers
  • Increasing your account’s engagement
  1. Use relevant hashtags
  2. Add polling and question stickers
  3. Place swipe up for your new product or blog post
  4. Play latest music tracks
  5. Reshare user-generated content
  6. Share behind the scene and mention the location/ time
  7. Apply doodles and funny stickers
  8. Employ AR effects (filters) while creating a video

#4 Highlights

  • Build your brand
  • Give insight into who you are as a business

#5 Live Rooms

  1. It can be a session of promoting and selling your products.
  1. Source: Advertisemint
  2. It can be an educational webinar or question & answer session with an expert.
  1. Source: Yimg
  2. It can be an individual’s live performance to entertain your audience.
  1. Source: Dailymail

#6 Map Search

#7 Instagram Shopping

#8 Professional Dashboard

  • Access to free tools to manage your handle
  • Learn about Instagram’s latest tips and tricks through curated educational resources
  • Discover the wide variety of Instagram analytics: insights




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