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Online Presence Definition

5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Build an Online Presence

Reason #1: Boost your brand awareness

Reason #2: Establish trust and credibility

Reason #3: Increase your follower base

Reason #4: Improve your customer’s journey

Reason #5: Measure return on investment (ROI)

Build an Online Presence in 5 Easy Steps

Step #1: Build an engaging website

  • Choose a plain template for your homepage
  • Mix up the template
  • Apply white space
  • Pick the right colors
  • Prefer fonts that are easy to read
  • Make your website mobile-friendly & effortless to go through
  • Your contact info should be easy to encounter
  • Set plugins for your social media profiles
  • Contact information & directories
  • Add call to action (CTA)
  • Use live chats for customer service
  • Include internal links to your content
  • Use multimedia

Step #2: Establish an effective social media strategy

Step #3: Create valuable content of high-quality

  • Stories and time-sensitive posts
  • Short videos
  • Posts that point out your human side
  • Build a competitive analysis to make your content stand out
  • Publish posts that make your followers want to participate
  • Establish the right mix of content
  • The first third of your content endorses your business, converts followers, and achieves revenue
  • The second third focuses on sharing topics and news from entrepreneurs in your business field or similar companies
  • And the last one concerns engaging with your followers

Step #4: Distribute & promote your content

Step #5: Monitor & analyze your online performance (and online brand reputation)

9 Tips to Build and Maintain a Strong Online Presence

Tip #1: Improve and maintain your site’s rankings (take care of your SEO!)

Tip #2: Collaborate with influencers and creators in your niche

Tip #3: Invest in relationship marketing

Tip #4: Encourage customer reviews and testimonials

Tip #5: Experiment with online advertising

Tip #6: Be active and consistent with your online presence

Tip #7: Create an email list

Tip #8: Build a referral program

Tip #9: Create engaging visual content

Final Thoughts



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