#1 Use specific and popular hashtags

#2 Don’t use too many hashtags

#3 Make use of a search strategy to find brand hashtags

  • Make use of the Instagram search. One of the most effective tools for searching for hashtags is Instagram own search function. There is a ‘Tags’ tab in the search option that allows you to find hashtags relevant to a phrase. The search function also displays the number of posts that contain the hashtag, so that you can assess its popularity. All you need to do is to enter keywords related to your brand and industry in the Instagram search.
  • Take a look at others. Sometimes all you need to do is to take a look at posts by others in your target industry to shed light, on which hashtags you should use. Influencers and competitors are a great way to start off. Analysing posts by competitors and well-known personalities will help you understand the hashtags that you need to use.
  • Find common hashtags. Your own posts can often be a good source for finding hashtags. Browse through your most popular posts on Instagram and filter out the ones that are relevant to your current post. Ask yourself: Is there a common hashtag that you used in your previous post which you can use again now?
  • Ask the right questions. If you want creativity and innovation in your Instagram hashtag strategy, then you need to brainstorm. Rather than using intuition or tools, you can find hashtags by simply asking yourself the right questions. Here are some questions that can help you find relevant hashtags for your content:
  • What are the ways in which the product/service being promoted can be categorized?
  • Where are the customers located geographically? Is the location important for the content being posted?
  • What is the unique selling point of our brand and/or product?
  • What problems will be solved if the customer buys our product?
  • Which hashtags are the customers in our target industry using that are most relevant to the content?
  • What are the customer’s main interests?
  • Avoid hashtags with double meaning. A common mistake that is marketers make is to use hashtags that could imply a double meaning. This can lead customers to interpret their brand’s message in a wrong manner. When making use of hashtags, recheck to make sure that the hashtag does not have a double meaning. Remember that sometimes, the words themselves are clear enough but the lack of a space between them (as in hashtags) can lead to them being misinterpreted. A simple example is of #childrenslaughter — this is meant to be children’s laughter but it can also mean children slaughter!
  • Make sure they are short and simple. The general rule of thumb when finding hashtags is to avoid phrases. A good practice is to ensure that all your hashtags contain two words or less. The key is to convey the message to the audience in as few characters as possible.

#4 Avoid using a generalized approach

To Sum Up



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